4 Tips on How A Boy Should Dress to Impress


You might be a guy looking to spruce up your wardrobe. A great wardrobe is one which looks and feels great. It must have the basic t-shirts and pants too. You can try buying some suits which will make your wardrobe look even more fantastic. Here are some tips on how you could dress to impress:

Get some trendy shoes

You must spruce up your footwear by wearing some shoes which will fit you well. You can start by wearing some trendy sneakers and then gradually move up wards with some dressy pointy shoes. If you want some great shoes be prepared to spend some money! You will have to pay for quality and comfort too. Some shoes will last longer with some cleaning solution and shine spray. This might not be as important for webcam modelling but think about polishing your kinky foot wear.

Dress to seem a lot older than you are

You must dress in a way so that the others will marvel at your style. You must focus on dressing older than your current age too. People will be more drawn to you as you might seem like a gentleman with great qualities which are not seen in the young today. Older men will be more likely to respect you too which will be a plus point for you. You can start by getting rid of the old clothing in your wardrobe like shirts, pants, sweatpants and hats. You can keep a few items for garden work or exercise.

Focus on classy items not trends

Do not buy clothes which focus on a trend as trends can change very fast. You must stick to a few staple items. Most men cannot buy pants every month so ignore pants which are just in for the season and buy pants which are classy and will last a year or two. The trend of distressed jeans came out and many people wanted to buy them back then but it left people with expensive jeans in their cupboards after the trend vanished just like it came in. Avoid anything which seems too new in style!

Maintain your clothing

If you have any white t-shirts or white underwear which you use for webcam model jobs on the internet. Make sure they are bleached and kept clean and neat. If you are young you will probably have less cash for your disposal so if you have spent some money on a few good clothing items then you must try to take extra good care of them. You will have to use hangers to hang items and even buy a shoe rack to keep your shoes on.

Remember that clothing can make or break you so focus on getting some key pieces into your wardrobe.