She Deserves A Choice


She is, a mother, a daughter, a wife, a friend… you can describe her in any way you want but in the final appearance, she is a woman. Same as any other living being, she can decide for herself and has the right to chose what she wants without being judged by someone in the society or by her culture. It is her choice.

It’s her choice to get a tattoo, her choice to cut her hair short or to go out late at night. Don’t judge her by the way she dress or the way she behave. She may be friends with sexy strippers but that does not mean she is a one too.

Even Darwin strippers have a story of their own, may be to pay for the collage or may be because it is her choice. She is single not because she is ugly or a psychic. It is because she thinks she is awesome the way she is. It is because she wants the world to recognize her not as a property of another man but as a woman that has a voice of her own. Don’t get the wrong impression that her wedding ring is a string binding her to all the cooking, washing and cleaning in the house but it shows her choice to commit herself for the people she love and care.

Don’t over look on her choice to be the boss, a cricketer or a black belt holder because she deserves something more than teaching and nursing. She is worthy enough to get educated as the other boys in the family.

She does not deserve to be starved eating only vegetables twice a day just because the world expect her to be thin and in shape. Every woman deserved to be loved for who she really is in her heart but not to get whistled and winked by men on either sides of the road because she looks hot and covered with make-up.

It is her choice to be a single parent despite all the hardships over the years. She must be a mother not for the purpose of escaping from the mouths of the neighbors and relatives but because every child is worthy of her love and care.
In the final say, she deserves to have her own choice. To live a life without the world making a fuss about her selections. She deserves to raise her voice against injustice and unfair boundaries by the society and its culture. For the reason that her voice has the power to create a place for herself, she deserves a choice.


Home Remedies For PMS

PMS or Pre-Menstrual Syndrome is a condition which leaves women irritated, angry and in cyclic cramps every month prior to their period. This is a common condition observable in most women, although the symptoms may differ from one person to another. There are a number of antibiotics available in the market today for PMS. However, as it is believed that these western medicines are likely to have after effects both long and short term such as shifts in blood sugar levels and bloating, a lot of women prefer and opt for natural and herbal materials to relieve themselves of premenstrual difficulties.  Below are some home remedies that are guaranteed to make you feel better during PMS.

Avoid consuming too much salt throughout the month, especially in the week before your period because excess salt in your diet tends to increase fluid retention resulting in more bloating. Avoid instant noodles, canned soups and other packaged snacks that are especially high in sodium. Consume food with high amounts of fibre that helps escort excess oestrogen out of your system. In this regards, consuming more whole grains like oats, barley and vegetables and beans that digest easily is advisable.

Cut back on alcohol. Although some turn to coffee during PMS, it is said that caffeine intake should also be minimal during this period. Drinking more water is advisable as it will flush away any excess salts in your system thereby preventing bloating and other irritations. Ideally eight 250ml glasses of water or day should be consumed during this time. Horny goat weed tea which is believed to boost libido in men is also believed to relieve women of PMS related ailments. Although it is rare compared to other teas, a cup of horny goat weed tea is believed to have the ability to relieve you of physical irritations as well as mental stress that might be triggered due to the hormonal activities during the pre-menstrual period in women.

In addition, taking 1200 mg of calcium before bedtime is often prescribed by doctors as the mineral is believed to cure headaches, mood swings and muscle cramps. Along with calcium, taking 800 mg of magnesium would also help control muscular activity, thereby eliminating any chances of you feeling uneasy during your sleep. To reduce irritability and depression, 50 to 100 mg of vitamin B6 can be taken as it is believed that this vitamin has the power to calm nervousness by increasing the supply of serotonin, the chemical in the brain which is responsible for mood-regulation.

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