How To Throw The Perfect Bachelorette Party

Throwing a bachelorette party may share some common features as throwing any old ordinary party. However there are a few extra things that come in to play, which need to be considered in order to make a bachelorette party a memorable one. Here are a few tips that you can follow to throw the perfect bachelorette party.

Talk to the Bride

Throwing a bachelorette party is always the bridesmaids’ job. Nevertheless, unless it’s meant to be a surprise party, you will need to consult the bride regarding details at all times. Most bridesmaids get carried away and end up planning things according to their likes and dislikes. This may not be the best idea since a bachelorette party is still all about the bride. Therefore make sure you consider the bride’s preferences before you start organizing anything.

Be a Little Wild

Bachelorette parties are the only parties where you are allowed to go completely wild and crazy without getting looks of disapproval from others. This is, after all, the bride’s last night out single and this should definitely call for something a bit more on the wild side than your usual party. Hire a topless waiter for the night and order a suggestive cake. You can also organize some cheeky games such as kiss the bartender.

Invite Everyone

When organizing the party you need to make sure that you invited everyone that needs to be there. This is where talking with the bride becomes very important. It wouldn’t turn out to be such a great night, if you forget to invite one of the bride’s oldest friends to the party. If it is a surprise party then talk to the bride’s mum and her siblings to make sure that you have got everyone noted down on your list. And to make your party memorable, look for strippers to invite.

Budget it out

Unlike other girls’ night outs this one will require all the friends to pool in on behalf of the bride when it comes to the expenses. The bridesmaids maybe required to throw in a little extra as well if the situation calls for it. Make sure that you prepare a budget in advance so that you can tell the rest of the girls their share of the cost beforehand, so that the night goes as smoothly as possible.

Plan in Advance

Bachelorette parties are not parties where you can simply ‘wing it’ and go where the night takes you. It involves the participation of quite a crowd of people so you may need to plan ahead, and more importantly book ahead, so that you won’t face any problems on the night of the party. If you plan on club hopping that night then make sure that you arrange transportation in advance as well.

Dos and Dont of Organizing A Hen Party


How many hen parties have you attended in your adult life and how many went well? There have been so many hen parties over the years and what happens at those parties have evolved over the year. As the years have passed, things that seem to be acceptable in the past may not be looked upon kindly today.

If you have been charged with organising the hen party, you have a big task before you. Your job is to make sure the bride to be has a wonderful time. That is why for you to be able to organize a party rocks, you have to understand what would be considered acceptable behaviour and what wouldn’t.

Don’t do it alone

You have been asked to organize the party but that does not mean you should work alone. Ask other friends and especially the bridesmaid to help. If you work together with the other girls, you are more likely to have a successful party.

Do have a budget

It is a hen party and not the wedding proper so you don’t want to overspend. Also, although you are the main organizer, you don’t have to sponsor the party alone. You have to ask the other girls to chip in something. While you don’t want to break the bank, you will want to have enough money to sponsor the party from start to finish.

Do ask the bride questions

It is the hens’ night but the main hen is the bride and she has to be happy for the party to be a success. That is why when you are organizing the party; do not forget to ask her preferences. Brides will differ in what they like. Just as one person will like to spend the night partying away, another will be happy with an indoor intimate party with very close friends. Before you go and look for male strippers in Gold Coast, be sure this is something the bride will welcome.

Don’t be afraid to dare

Traditionally hens night are for the ladies, however, there is nothing wrong in bringing in the boys. You could ask the bride and her groom if they will be happy to have a joint party.

Do buy fun party favours

You will find this in many hen parties and they are really fun as they will have the girls giggling like little school girls. However, before you go out to buy such favours, you should consider the bride. Presumably you know her better than anyone else at the party so you should be able to tell what she will like or hate.

Do customize

Don’t think of the party as just another night out. You should try to make it about the bride. For example you could get cups with the bride’s name on it.